Let's talk about Coaching 

What is Coaching? 
It’s an investment. 
In the most useful, powerful resource you have. 
Just to clear up any confusion: I MEAN YOU! 
You invest in things you see as a necessity, and you're a necessity. 
There’s nothing more valuable, insightful and downright enjoyable as being the best possible version of yourself - now and in the future. 
The best possible version right now, as well as the best possible version in the future. 
What do you need to bring to the conversation? 
First up, Commitment. 
You might not know exactly where you want to go, but you want to go somewhere. 
All you need is to commit to growing. 
It's a measure of how seriously you take yourself. 
Time and energy are equally important. 
Turn up to the sessions and do the work. 
We’ll laugh and get curious about possibilities, question assumptions, and challenge beliefs. 
It’s amazing stuff. 
You want to grow otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. 
I can help you find the energy but you have to direct it. 
Lastly, openness. 
You’ll love where coaching takes you. 
Most of the time. 
No bones about it, sometimes you’ll hate it. 
That’s cool. 
My role in this partnership is to help you see how amazing you are. 
All the powerful, impactful things you can do. 
Means we’re going to have to dig deep because you don’t transform by hiding. 
You do it by being embracing who you truly are. 
What's it like with me? 
You speak, I listen.  
There's structure, but no script. 
Powerful moments, and plenty of laughter. 
Curiosity over fixed expectations. 
And we do it together. 
I've worked with some amazing coaches in my life. Trained with many of them. Learnt from the best. 
And what I've learned is to approach every person, every client as an individual. 
There's no 'one-size fits all' approach I use for each and every person I work with. 
Sure, there are common aspects that come up, and we dig deep into them - ways of thinking, happiness, confidence, fears, goals, self-image and many more - but the order and emphasis varies hugely from person to person. 
I love the agility we share. 
The people I work with are amazing. And to truly help them I want to be the best version of myself for them. 
If there was a word to describe my approach, it would be: range. 
My clients appreciate how I can be a patient and present listener, and still provide question bombs that get right to the heart of why they're struggling. 
And how I seem to know when to share laughter about something to create some perspective (living with teenagers helps with that one!). 
It's about you right now 
It's about you in the future. 
Curiosity about your past helps, but this isn't about changing the past. That can't be done. 
Working with me is about creating a new future. 
A future where you can be who you truly want to be. 
Do what you want to do. 
Have what you want. 
If you want to be supported in creating a happier now, transforming your life, business and relationships, then what you want is to work with me. 

It’s time to create the happiest, most successful life you can  

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