Do you look forward to going to work? 
How about knowing why you’re at work? Not just the throwaway answer of ‘to get paid so I can live’, but to really, truly know why you’re there - what it means to you. 
How about being the real you while you're there; not some half-version where you keep the things you love to yourself? 
It's time to lean into the fact that having all of this no longer a nice-to-have. It’s something you fundamentally deserve. 
That and a lot more. 
You deserve Teamship. 

You deserve to: 

Feel safe to say and do what matters 
Work in a way that doesn't hurt anyone, physcially or mentally 
Have space for whole-person development 
Take your whole self to work 
Support and be supported by collaboration not competition 
Have toxicity faced up to 
Be surrounded by people you like and respect 
Look forward to doing your job and creating impact that matters 
This is Teamship. 
A willingness to lean in, get to know each other, and deal with whatever comes up - laugh together, stumble together, rise together, deliver together, grow together. 
To build trust through truth.  
To find joy at work. 

How we get shit done. 

The best approach to creating lasting transformation for your teams is through consistency - small teams, experimenting, feeling safe to say and do what really matters, working out together how to belong. So, we don't do one-off trainings. It simply doesn't provide the impact needed to build trust and create the clarity your team needs and deserves. Through the consultations we'll work with you and your teams to design an approach that fits your unique needs, allowing you to find your own courage to keep on growing and thriving. 

The Narrator 

The last interview I ever had. For a great job. Ticked all those boxes of something I could absolutely nail. Something I could do well. And earn a lot more money than I had before. I’d have to travel again, but just for a few years. 
The interviewer was brilliant. She knew her stuff, she knew what they were after, she asked devilishly hard questions. I was responding well though and it was all going smoothly. Then, she asked what I was most proud of. 
Not my biggest achievement, my best success, the most valuable delivery. What I was proud of. I'd asked a variation of that question in a hundred interviews, but never had it directed at me. 
I stuttered for a bit but then I found my flow. The positive changes I’d helped others accomplish in their lives. Promotions, career changes, life changes, decisions about relationships, direction, parenting, turning outsourcing into something positive, successes out of work. 
There’s not much you don’t cover when you've led hundreds of people. 
Then she turned to me and asked me why I was going for a role that wouldn’t provide me with many of those opportunities. 
I have no idea what I said. 
Later on I called her. With a life-changing decision. She said she was glad I wasn’t going to proceed. That she felt it was a great decision for me to pursue something that could put me in front of people I could help. She could see how much happier that would make me. 
She saw it before I did. 
She saw there were doors I was ignoring. 
She helped me see it was okay to close some doors and storm others. 
Lots of people helped me get right here, right now. And I’m so thankful to them all. 
But I chose to be here. 
Which is why I am right here, right now to help you choose too. 


I love: 
deep breath... 
yoga in the garden or anywhere outside; geeking out on geek, cosying up on the sofa with the family to watch a comic book movie; seeing how much heavy stuff I can lift; boardgames with intricately designed pieces; cooking for my wife; writing things which inspire me in the hope they touch other people; truly awful puns; hacking my health with great nutritional food and science-based fitness routines so tough I forget how to think; really, really, dark chocolate; anything that blends woo-woo with cutting edge neuroscience; listening to my kids groan at one of my truly awful puns; sitting in the middle of nowhere with a great book. 
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