Leave the job titles at the door - this is an email-based growth program for independent minds, who want a shared voice, and to work towards a common goal.  
Professionals who want to help their team grow. 
It will also include the odd reference to Star Wars and Batman. Sporting metaphors are for other people’s email programs. 
Each week (aka a sprint) you’ll get thought provoking insights, perspectives, and tools; all designed to create a team spirit you enjoy being a part of. It’s light-touch and useful - no adding to your burdens here. 
You respond with your own thoughts, insights, and results - sharing wisdom and gaining wisdom from the other members of the program. 
A team spirit you can be proud to be a part of. 
I want that for you. 
Do you want it? 

That was the short version. If you want more info, read on. 

This is a leadership community unlike any other. 
And, it’s not just for leaders. It’s for people see the value of leadership, and want more of it. 
If you’ll spare me a few secs, I’ll dig into that a bit more… 
See, we’ve hoarded leadership - a set of skills that work brilliantly together to help you and others do the right things, at the right time, in a better way. 
For some reason it was decided that only a select number would need these skills - mainly those with certain job titles. 
The team did the work, while leaders led. 
Now though, that just doesn’t cut it. More than ever teams want and need more: 
That’s what this community is about: making the skills of leadership available to every member of the team. Focusing on what really matters: 
A team spirit where you can all be safe, feel joy, and do more. 
That’s what SPRINT2SPIRIT is about. 
Sprinting together, towards a team spirit you want to be a part of. 
It’s for people who KNOW the team is the most powerful unit. That the way to make a real impact - an impact that matters - is to focus on the team. 
Independent minds, working with a shared spirit, towards a common goal. 
If you’re already in a team and you know you can all do more and feel good about it, then this is the place for you. 
It’s not about motivational quotes of the week. It’s not about adding to your email inbox to look popular. It’s not about overloading you with just more stuff to do. 
People who sign up to that sort of thing tend to end up in the same place as they were when they clicked ‘subscribe’. 
That's not what I want. I want you to move. 
And that’s why I created SPRINT2SPIRIT. Something exclusively for people who want spend more time with their team because they KNOW it will give them back even more time. 
It’s about curiosity, practicing, reflecting. It’s definitely not about getting it perfect; it’s about getting better. 
It will steer you towards thinking about something specific, doing something specific, and seeing specific results. 
It’s low-touch with a single focus spread out in a way to let you develop and grow iteratively. And it couldn’t be easier to take part in. 
I want you to join today. 
The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. 
I love Agile, I love iteration, I love small and often - but it doesn’t matter what methodology, process, or guru you’ve sold your soul too, they all have one thing on common. 
You’ve gotta start. 
No distractions. Just a focused topic for you to think about, do something with, and reflect on, during the week. 
No noise from Facebook groups, WhatsApp messages, or any other interrupting annoyances. 
Really light weight, super-efficient ideas that fit into your regular schedule, and give you back far more time than the few minutes you’ll put in. 
What you can expect: 
Every Sunday... 
Start the week exploring a Team Spirit idea or concept. You'll be invited to consider: 
- Something to be curious about with your team 
- Something to practice 
Every Friday... 
Close out the week with a message reflecting back on your time with the topic. You'll be invited to consider:  
- How the practice went. What worked what didn't, what got in your way?  
- A story, case study, or example based on our week together  
- How to take the best of the week forward... 
Each email will include tips and stories from the global SPIRIT52 team - including you when you're ready to share. 
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