Ignoring intimacy is costing your team 
Max De Pree said that Intimacy is at the heart of competence. One of the reasons teams are struggling at the moment is because a fear of intimacy. Loneliness, disconnection, disengagement, unhealthy habits are all symptoms of this fear. And it’s no surprise it’s impacting competence. 
After listening to Colin’s talk, you will understand… 
Understand how to break the conditioning holding your team back from safely embracing intimacy 
Know how to create a R.O.I. (Return On Intimacy) 
Learn how to start applying this new awareness through two powerful approaches 
Less Boss, More Leadership 
If you want more leadership, you need less leaders 
Imagine what it would be like to work in a team so powerful, so effective, so enjoyable, no one knew who the boss was? It’s the ideal team, right? Delivering and growing, trustworthy and healthy, through their own drive and desire to make a difference. So why do we put so much focus, responsibility, time and money into just the boss..? 
After listening to Colin’s talk, you will understand… 
How to embed leadership from the inside out of a team 
How to encourages the crucial ‘ship skills of a team: followership and teamship 
The Team S.P.I.R.I.T. elements to shift your team from survive to thrive 

All our in-person or online talks and speaking events are bespoke. We aim to listen to what you want, and then give you way more.   There are core themes - leadership, teamship, team spirit, joy at work, connection, engagement - all of which can be tailored to fit keynotes at conferences to a 30 minute slot at your online team meeting.   We'll challange your team's secptiscm, provide original and interesting insights, and kickstart something exciting.   Reach out and lets speak about speaking. 

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