What often holds us back isn't what we think. 
It’s not even what other people think. 
What actually holds us back is what we think other people think. 
I’ll give you a moment to reread that. 
What stops you feeling confident is what you think other people think about how we look. 
What stops you leaving a job we hate is what you think other people will think about you 
for doing so. 
What stops you saying what you believe is what you think other people will think about you 
saying that. 
The way to start changing that is simply to focus on your thoughts. 
And then stop. 
Not their thoughts. 
Or their thoughts about you. 
Your thoughts. 
Just cut out the middle-man. 
You don’t know what the people around you are thinking anyway. 
So simply think what will help you. 
Thinking about what others think is unnecessary effort. 
Lean back and just think. 
Your thoughts are the only thoughts that matter. 
The only thoughts you can truly take action from. 
Don’t you think? 
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