How was January for you? As expected, it’s been a challenge for myself and Team Mobey. This time of year always brings frustration and pressures with the weather, the darkness, the cold and damp. And that stubbornly present global pandemic hasn’t helped either. 
Which leads me to my first thank you for the month: to my clients. A core principle of coaching is to be absolutely present when sat with you. It’s awesome. A true privilege to listen, be curious and interested in what you say, and to hear what you’re going to do. Yet I’d be lying if I said I never take anything from our conversations either. After each session I always spend a few minutes sitting, chilling, reflecting, make the odd note. What I’ve really noticed this month is how much of your optimism, commitment to letting go of what’s holding you back, abd to growing in a fun and happy way, has helped me collect my thoughts and shake off my own funks. You know who you are. Thank you. 
I’ve also been spending time with many awesome coaches. From them I’ve refined a few things, recognised some new resistances I had in my own business dealings, and feel really great about what this year is looking like . You’ll have noticed a few tweaks to various profiles and maybe even a stronger sense of purpose in posts and videos. Doubling down on helping people who feel like crap doing the work they do, knowing there’s something more, something better they could be doing, but not knowing how… the clarity I have to connect with those people, those are who I’m ready and excited to help, is so liberating. I can help anyone find purpose, happiness, and to simply enjoy life rather than struggle with it, yet to be able to know who I can talk to most loudly and stringly is incredibly exciting. 
Back with Team Mobey, crisis-schooling (home-schooling is a choice; what we're doing is most definetly not a choice!) continues to rollercoaster its way through all our lives. Many challenges for us and the kids, but they make me so proud with what they’ve accomplished, and especially that they still reach out to friends. The xbox and phones have their moments when they’re nothing but a distraction, but so thankful they allow them to have conversations with their friends so often. Certainly hammers home the fact that the only difference between doing something for good, and doing it as a distraction is only down to your intent. 
From a ‘Col’ perspective, I've felt myself succumbing to the monotony this month. There have been moments during other lockdowns, but this month there have been several days where the funk has refused to go. Or more accurately, I’ve refused to let it go. Like always, blaming the weather, blaming the unknown timeline of crisis schooling, is just resistance. Resistance to getting uncomfortable in a way that will actually help. Been leaning heavily on what works: exercise, cooking, reading, boardgames, time with my coach. Big takeaways for me are mixing things up. Walks for example. Done more with Team Mobey. With just-a-teenager, or Claire, my wife. That shared experience has been so much more useful, so much more enjoyable than simply spending more time on my own. Also, I’ve upped the intensity and length of my workouts and been doing a lot more with weights. That variety, that slight tweak, has helped challenge the monotony. Sometimes you don’t have to do something new, sometimes putting a spin on what you’re already doing can shake you up. Stand up to the resistance. And while you’re standing up, do some squats. 
Looking towards Feb, there are some exciting things on the horizon: 
Almost-a-Teenager becomes Youngest-Teenager in February. Like most, another birthday in lockdown isn’t too appealing, but if I’m honest, as long as he gets time on his xbox, a takeaway and to choose what film we watch he says he’ll be happy. Oh to be 13 again. 
I’ll be launching a new group offer for people who really want to do something about how they feel at work. It’s called From Exhaustion to Exhilaration and it will be pretty top notch, even if I do say so myself. Loads of value. I love one on one coaching, yet I know not everyone wants that or is ready for that. This is a way for you to prioritise value in you're life in an affordable, progressive way. If you're interested let me know. 
Okay, so here endeth the first newsletter of 2021. Hoe you found the 'behind the scenes' info useful. Any thoughts or questions just reach out through the usual means. 
Now, go spend time doing something you love so that you're ready to enjoy time with who you love. 
Have a great February. 
Speak soon, Col. 
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