You're not born positive; you choose to be positive. 
But how do you choose to be more positive? 
Imagine you desperately want to redecorate your spare room. 
You want to turn it into that bright, airy space you’ve always dreamed about. 
But it’s painted black. 
The walls, the floor, the ceiling. 
Black everywhere. 
You don’t remember painting it black, but black it is. 
You walk in, dreaming how it could look. 
But within moments of being in there, you’re fed up. 
Trouble is, you're spending a lot of time in there. 
Getting more and more fed up. 
You don't want to be fed up in this room. 
You want it to be bright and airy, but you don't know where to start. 
Besides, the black is pretty deep. 
And colour tends to get lost amongst black... 
You actually do remember trying to paint it blue once. 
You’d heard blue is calming. 
It just made the black blacker. 
The strokes of blue aren’t even visible anymore. 
It makes you want to forget about colour. 
But, you try something different. 
You really have had enough of this dark, stifling room. 
You choose a neutral colour. 
Throw a coat of beige on there first. 
The black still shows through, but you expected it to. 
It takes a few coats. 
As you do that you see the black retreat. 
You see a canvas appear. 
A canvas to cover in colour. 
Neutral is a lot nicer to paint colour onto. 
A lot easier too. 
And the colour hangs around a lot longer than it does if painted onto black. 
Next time you think “I hate my job”, take a breath and instead think “I have a job” 
Go one neutral coat deeper if you can and try “I drive in a car to a building where I spend 8 hours”. 
Instead of jumping straight to positivity and feeling even more fed-up, try beige first. 
Go neutral before you go positive. 
The black will disappear. 
The colour will pop. 
The colour will hang around a lot, lot longer. 
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