"Should I stop wanting stuff then?" 
Something like this comes up quite often with clients. 
It comes up while we're talking on our iPhones or MacBooks (other brands are available). It comes up while we're sat on our comfortable chairs. It comes up while I'm making the odd note with my Apple Pencil. 
So, if stuff shouldn't make us happy, why do we have it? 
Because every time I look at that pencil, every time I use it, hold it, feel it, I remember the moment I bought it in Liverpool. Away for the weekend with my wife. First break in ages. Celebrating how amazingly well the last few months had been for us. The work we'd done. The relationship between us. 
Every time I use it I remember that trip. I honour how we were able to afford it and have it. 
It's like a little piece of that honour sat between my fingers. 
It's a manifestation of MY success. 
It's a manifestation of MY happiness. 
Not anyone else's. Mine. 
Happiness is that amazing feeling you get when you honour who you are and who you are going to be. 
So when stuff is the physical manifestation of your success there will always be an element of happiness attached to it. 
Some stuff is just stuff we need to live, the rest should be success made manifest. 
How much of the stuff is your happiness come to life? 
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