When you breath in you create the potential for change. 
Each time you breath in you take oxygen into yourself; into your lungs, blood, cells, your mind. 
When you do that you change. 
You invited change into your being. 
So, when you breath out you are a different person to that which breathed in. 
Experience has come into you, and experience has come out. 
You are changed. 
That’s not bad, or good. 
It’s life. 
You don’t feel you have to wait to breath in until you deserve it. 
You don’t have to wait to change until you feel you deserve it either. 
You don't feel selfish for breathing in. 
Because you can’t take in more breath than you can hold, than you need. 
And you can’t hold onto it for long. 
So, you take from it all the good you can, then let go of it. 
When you breath out you present your creation to the world, the universe. 
You can’t use that one breath indefinitely. 
If you do, very simply, you die. 
Once all the good has gone, what you are left with is of no use to you. 
You don’t ask for permission to breath out. 
You don’t have to ask for permission to let go either. 
You can only live by breathing in. 
By inviting change. 
You can only live by breathing out. 
By letting go. 
Breath in; breath out. 
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