Busy week. Just how we like them. And even better, it wasn’t busy because of day-job stuff (well, it was, but managed to contain that).

First up, website redesigned. Now it focuses on Constable, giving some background insight and offering my Sci Fi book, Memories Stirred, as incentive to sign up and follow. Hopefully a few people will find it intriguing enough to do so.

Screenshot from Scrivener. Outlining of part one in all its glory.

Screenshot from Scrivener. Outlining of part one in all its glory.

Next, actual writing progress for Constable has gone well. Had to reset the word count clock as I’ve redone the outline, but first draft of chapters 1-5 are done now. That’s 9,516 words in total at the point I’m typing this. On track for completing my objective of first 6 chapters by end of January (actually, I’m hoping to blast through that goal). I’ve also nearly finished drafting the main scene beats for the second part of the book (the non-flabby middle). Probably need a decent hour or so on that, but pleased with what’s come out so far. Fancy a sneaky peek?

Here you go 🙂

  • Sulking in the pub. Gets some background info on Graven etc. Starts with him feeling sorry for those in the pub but quickly notices glimpses of camaraderie. Makes friends with someone from an earlier scene (one of Croombies dice friends?). Plays dice. More detail on **SPOILER**…Cal can’t get any more info out of them. 
  • Cal somehow needs to get back in the fold… looking into something else for a political Sage. One focused on upcoming election results rather than any crime. Cal has the opportunity to sneak a look at a report on the murder. Does so and notes how his evidence has been misapplied. Concluded that the the Brittling killed them. Cal notes more evidence that Magician was dead before he went in (opportunity to talk about sjardsparks later on?). Starts to take it to superior, and remembers he won’t be interested. Makes a decision and leaves his post.

I’ve also restructure my whole writing approach. Again. This time I’ve taken some pointers from some more craft books and really focused my story beats down. Best of both worlds so far – enough to race through the first drafts, not enough for me to overthink and waste time planning. Must attach a picture to remind me what it looks like.

That, and the weather has been sharp enough to freeze the annoying mud on the ground so we could get out and shake off the dust from sitting around too much. Can’t beat a British winter when the sky is blue and the temperature bimbling somewhere around zero.

Let’s hope it stays that way.